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Avon Tyres

Avon Tyres

Avon has been making high quality tyres since 1904.
We currently offer a large range of tyres to suit all makes and models of motorcycles

Cobra Chrome
The Avon Cobra Chrome is our newest offering aimed at the power cruiser/touring/custom market featuring premium performance, a stylish Cobra themed design and a wide range of sizes

3D Ultra EVO
Ideal tyre for your hypersport bike. Outstanding handling and grip characteristics.

Spirit ST
Avon’s latest hypersport touring tyre with exceptional wet grip performance and mileage.

Roadrider MKII
Designed for motorcycles of all ages, the Roadrider MKII provides a step forward in performance and reliability over its predecessor.

Specially designed for smaller cc commuter bikes.

Viper Stryke
Specifically designed for your modern scooter.

Aggressive appearance for your road biased dual sports bike with a 90/10 tread design

Trek rider
Great balance between on- and off-road performance.with a 60/40 tread design

Storm 3D X-M
Sport touring tyre for all-round performance.

Speedmaster MKII
The original classic look with modern performance in imperial sizes.

Safety Mileage mkII
The original classic look with modern performance in imperial sizes

For all applications https://www.avontyres.com/

Some of Avon Tyres's most popular products

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